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iQ Codes

Make your business even smarter!

The modern capabilities of iQ codes far exceed those of traditional barcode and simple QR code, as they use sophisticated programming and modern techniques. Utilizing these techniques we can produce smarter, faster and more efficient code than ever before. Advanced visibility for all screens, viewing statistics from your brochures, menus or business cards and empowering your social networks are some of the features of iQ codes.

Statistics is one of the most useful business tools in order to reprogramming its visibility and information provided by the iQ Code. This succeeds even better results and customers are more happy with their contact with the business. In addition, IQ codes can provide statistics up to the user’s geographical location, as well as the ability to know which subcode is most effective.

Stimulate your social networks with iQ Codes! Simplify the process of someone to find your professional Facebook page or any other social network you want. Increase your page’s Likes, your Tripadvisor and Google Business review and more. With iQ Codes we can simplify the process of the users declaring their presence on your social networks, publishing a photo and expressing their impressions.